Ramon Foundation HackSpace 2018

Rimon Studio team served as mentors at Ramon Foundation educational games hackathon during July 2018, named HackSpace. Ramon Foundation, named after the first Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon,  who died at the tragic Colombia spaceship explosion. The foundation is dedicated to promote space oriented education. Two years ago, Nimrod, our CEO, participated in their annual conference as lecturer, explaining the importance of combining games with educational process. Two years later they dedicated an entire hackathon to create new class oriented games, focused on space – Satellites, exo-planets, space junk, space colonization and etc.

After consultation with Nimrod, the hackathon was designed around two main aspects:

A. Variety of game mechanics – Strategy games, board games, simulation and role playing, logic games, spatial games and free play.

B. Different topics – Space junk, exo-planets, space in daily lives, remote sensing, space colonization and etc.

On the event day itself, about 80-120 teachers and Israeli space industry veterans gathered at Google Campus TLV. After a brief intro of the concept and a lecture by Nimrod about games and learning the event started. Studio members mentored the teams, and each team chose a game mechanic and a topic. There were numerous projects going on simultaneously. Quite a challenge!

The time frame was as following:

9:00 – Meeting

10:00 – Nimrod’s lecture about games and education (sorry, Hebrew version only for now)

10:30 Hackathon Starts!
11:00 Pitching each other the various ideas
12:00 Design review of proposed concepts by mentors
12:30 Quick lunch
14:00 Design review of game mechanics and rules
16:00 Design review of revised game mechanics and rules
19:00 Game pitch!
By the end of the day about 25 new educational games were presented and we are proud to say that some of them are actually going to production. In recent weeks we’ve been working on taking the concepts do development phase. With Ramon foundation and its partners we are working on creating board games for classrooms based on the hackathon products. Super exciting. We’ll keep you posted soon.

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